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Reflexology is a complimentary therapy, intended to complement any medical treatment received or individual choices made regarding health and lifestyle.

reflexology_0985The various points on the foot correlate to different organs and systems in our bodies.  By applying pressure on these points, stress, tension and toxins can be released, promoting relaxation, balance and self-healing.

The treatment promotes relaxation and most clients leave lighter, happier, re-energised and calmer.    During the treatment it is normal to feel cold or hot, tingly, tired, relaxed, emotional or elated.  These are all normal sensations to the body as toxins are released and they body rebalances and de-stresses.

Reflexology can also help us find peace with emotions, trauma and stresses.  Healing is also about our ability to face the reality of our feelings rather than running away from them and bringing that reality into a place of security and relaxation.

The treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes but please allow longer for your first appointment.

Continued Professional Development

I have completed most of my further training in Advanced Reflexology and to date have covered:

Infertility and Maternity Reflexology

Hand and Head Reflexology

Cancer Care Reflexology

Chinese Reflexology

Chalation and Energy Healing

Chalation is a subtle form of moving energy throughout the body by a gentle holding touch. This releases blocked energy and promotes deep relaxation and can be added on to any treatment.


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